Professor Dawkins on the insanity of young earth belief:

Anyone who thinks the world is less than 10,000 years old ... the best excuse for them is lamentable ignorance. Ignorance is no crime, but it's something to be remedied by education. Anybody who is not ignorant, anybody who has been shown the facts and still believes the earth is less than 10,000 years old, there's got to be something wrong with them.... So you've got to either be staggeringly ignorant, which most of them are, or if you're not ignorant, you've got to be ... insane.... Sometimes they were even told things like: Don't believe when people bring something they call evidence, faith is more important than evidence. -- Prof. Richard Dawkins

But what does the real evidence say?

This site is dedicated to presenting a positive case for the biblical account of creation, while relying only on the evidence itself, not on faith. Not to be mistaken: Faith and evidence are dialectical, that is they must speak to one another. But sometimes the best way to do this is to let each speak for itself. So when we allow the evidence to speak for itself, surely it must blow away any possibility for a young earth, for a world-wide flood, and for an intelligently designed creation, right? I believe the evidence on this site shouts out loud and clear: Absolutely not! The world is young! And the evidences for a catastrophic flood are all around us! So quite contrary to Dawkins' assertion, I believe the evidence strongly supports a young world and the biblical creation account over against naturalistic explanations, which are an attempt to explain the cosmos and everything in it without a God.

Though some label us crazy, it should not be forgotten that ideological opposition to the God of Scripture motivates people like Dawkins, as it did Darwin, Lyell, Hutton and their colleauges, many of whom popularized the notion of 'deep time.' And it should also not be forgotten that their naturalistic, evolutionary account is entirely incompatible with a young world, because the only real 'creator' they have to refer to is lots and lots of time. So they have every reason in the world to posit billions of years, completely apart from the evidence, and to vehmently oppose our young earth evidences, which they do particularly by painting us as a bunch of loonies. The last thing they want is for the world to hear the real evidence. This is why their main tactic is ridicule, ... it's not actually science, but mockery.

So whether you are an atheist or a Christian, or something in between, I warmly invite you to consider some evidence which your public schools banned, and which even a good number of your churches outlawed.

God bless,
Nicholas Petersen