Creation Bibliography: Journals & Research Resources

Journals & Research Resources

If you have not yet, please see the Creation Bibliography Introduction page for introductory information about this select bibliography. Below we list the major creationists journals, magazines, and other such content, categorized under the organizations that produce them. After this we’ll list some other research resources (databases and so forth). The focus here is on high-quality, regularly produced content in support of the biblical creationist viewpoint. 

CMI – Creation Ministries International

AIG – Answers in Genesis

  •  Answers in Genesis (AIG) – Answers in Genesis is likely the most well-known creationist organization, they are the producers of The Creation Museum and of The Ark Encounter – a full-sized, stunning replica of Noah’s Ark. 
  • See AIG’s comprehensive list of creation topics.
  •  AIG produces Answers Magazine, here is the complete archive of past articles that they generously make available for free. Please consider subscribing.
  •  Technical AIG also produces the technical level Answers Research Journal (ARJ), edited by Andrew Snelling, which is published entirely online, and is made available for free. The full archive is viewable from that main link. Without taking anything away from the quality of content, ARJ’s online web interface is terrifically done.
  • Answers in DepthAnswers in Depth appears to be sort of an intermediate between technical and non-technical articles (in between AIG’s Answer’s Magazine and ARJ). Unlike ARJ, I believe it is not technically peer-reviewed, though of course AIG’s own editorial staff produce and review the content. Even so, many of the articles here are tagged as “Research Papers” and some others that are not can be very worthwhile content.

ICR – Institute for Creation Research

  •  Institute for Creation Research (ICR) – ICR was founded by creation pioneer Henry Morris. ICR is strongly focused on producing research. Some of our best scientists have at one time been part of ICR, and I can say today it is wonderful to see the work produced by their researchers at our conferences and in our creationist publications. They also publish many excellent books and DVD resources, some of which will be featured later below. 
  •  Acts & Factscurrent issue, and article archive. These are terrific, and you can subscribe for free here. For past articles, the archive page unfortunately doesn’t list titles of the articles, but see above on searching ICR.
  • Search ICR articles (select PageType: Articles for further options).
  • Technical ICR’s ‘Archive of Technical Articles’ presents a large list of important technical papers (ordered only by date).
  • Note: ICR has a ton of other resources in book form, in DVDs, and so forth, which will figure prominently in the following bibliographies.

CRS – Creation Research Society

  •  Creation Research Society (CRS) – The “S” in CRS is for Society, and the “R” is for Research, that well sums up the purpose of CRS. Like ICR, CRS is strongly devoted to research and to supporting research initiatives, in fact the two have often worked together, as was the case with the RATE project. Note that the focus of this society is on the scientific side, and less so on other important fields of study related to this origins conflict (biblical, historical, philosophical, and etc).
  • For those interested, please consider joining our society (this also gets a subscription to the CRSQ, for only $31 a year). It’s critical to join up with like-minded fellows.
  •  CRSQ: CRS produces a quarterly technical journal, the CRSQ. Past article abstracts are listed here (subscribe or join for full access to past articles). Some of these are available for free to all. Perhaps one day all of the articles will be made open-access, that at least is my hope.
  •  CRS Matters Newsletter is published every two months, with a focus on short articles fitting of a newsletter (articles are typically 1 page or less), but the content is good, and though not often ground-breaking, it should be considered. Minus the last couple “current” issues, the archive is made freely available online in PDF format.

ICC – The International Conference on Creationism

JCTS B: Life Sciences Journal

Comprehensive Creation Databases & Lists

The following are some powerful databases of creationist literature that are particularly important when doing research on a specific topic. For general questions (‘What about Dinosaurs?’), you may be better served by searching your favorite creationist site above, but if you have a specific term you are looking for and would like to know what has been said on that topic to date, these databases are very helpful (e.g. what have any creationists said about Diplodocus, about Opals, etc?).

RAD – The (Creation) Research Assistance Database

 The (Creation) Research Assistance Database (RAD). Dr. Danny Faulkner stated of the RAD: “As a creation scientist, I use the Research Assistance Database all the time. The RAD allows me quickly to search the entire creation literature for any topic, author, or title.”

CELD – Creation Evolution Literature Database

 CELD – Creation Evolution Literature Database – Like RAD, CELD is an online database for searching google style across many different creationist publications and organizations. They have titles and abstracts for over 25,000 articles, and over 40% of these link to the full-text article. While I’ve read notices that they haven’t been able to keep it updated of late, it still is a useful tool to be aware of.

Ashby Camp’s List Of 1439 Articles Supporting Biblical Creation

 Ashby Camp’s List Of 1439 Articles Supporting Biblical Creation is a very long list of creation and ID related online articles grouped by subject.




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